The prices on this page are for take away & delivery only, not for eating inside the restaurant

open at 5.00 pm till 11.00 pm

Take home the taste of the Mediterranean

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Starters all at £ 4.95

Tomato & mozzarella salad with fresh basil & olive oil dressing

Polpette; Italian style meatball in tomatoes sauce

Garlic mushrooms; mushrooms stuffed with garlic & breadcrumbs; baked in tomatoes sauce & bechamel

Chicken livers: cooked with onions garlic chillies & red wine

Goat cheese & mango chutney

Goat cheese al pesto

Mozzarella fritta; fried mozzarella in tomato sauce

Ham & melon; Dry cured italian ham & melon

Sardines: oven baked in onios, garlic & chillies

Prawns cocktail

Spicy chicken wings

Smoked salmon & prawns

Cozze al pomodoro; Mussels in garlic chillies & tomato

Cozze in bianco; Mussels cooked with garlic & white wine

Calamari fritti

Pasta all at £ 5.95


Tortellini alla panna pasta filled with meat & tossed with mushrooms ham & cream

Tortellini 4 cheeses; pasta filled with meat & tossed with four different italian cheeses & cream

Spaghetti carbonara: pasta tossed with bacon, egg, parmesan & cream

Spaghetti alla bolognese: with mince meat & tomatoes sauce

Penne arrabiata: pasta tossed with garlic, chillies & tomatoes sauce

Penne al tonno: pasta tossed with tuna, onions, garlic, & tomato sauce

Spaghetti seafood: pasta tossed with garlic, chillies, tomato sauce & seafood

spaghetti siciliana: pasta tossed with garlic, chillies, olives, capers, tuna & tomato sauce

Risotto Vegetariano: rice tossed with garlic, mixed vegetables, cream & tomato sauce

Risotto Pescatora: rice tossed with garlic, touch of chillies seafood & cream

Cannelloni: pasta rolled & filled with ricotta cheese & spinach, oven baked in tomato sauce

Penne al salmone: pasta tossed with garlic, smoked salmon, tomato sauce & cream

Main courses

served with one side order


Grilled sirloin steak £ 12.50

Sirloin in black pepper sauce £ 13.50

Sirloin diana sauce £ 13.50

cooked with garlic, onions, mushrooms, french mustard, tomato sauce & cream

Sirloin pizzaiola sauce £ 13.50

cooked with garlic, capers, tomatosauce & oregano

Sirloin allo stilton £ 13.50

Beef stroganoff £ 13.50

strips of sirloin steak cooked with onions, mushrooms, french mustard& cream

Veal limone £ 10.95

escalopes of veal in white wine & lemon sauce

Veal marsala £ 10.95

escalopes of veal in a marsala wine sauce

Veal alla crema £ 10.95

escalopes of veal cooked with onions, mushrooms & cream

Pollo cacciatore £ 7.95

strips of chicken fillets cooked with garlic, mushrooms, onions & tomato sauce

Pollo srtogonoff £ 7.95

strips of chicken fillets cooked with onions, mushrooms, french mustard & cream

Mushrooms strogonoff £ 5.95



all at £ 2.50


Hot Chocolate fudge cake


Hot cherry tart

Vanilla cheese cake



3 courses & a drink supersaver menu

only £ 9.95

available every day from 5.00 pm

till 7.00 pm


children menu

£ 4.95

available all night